PC Problem

I'll help you over the phone or even with a remote maintenance software to locate your problems and / or to find their solution.

There is also the possibility to start a video call via Skype, Discord or WhatsApp.

I charge in support hours. Each hour costs 15 € (minute billing). Of course, if I can not help you, I will not charge anything.


- Your PC / laptop is terribly slow. With such problems, it can take several hours to fix the problem. Please do not panic, depending on the effort I will change / adjust the price here.

- set up e-mail programs

- set up or install programs (recommendation of programs for various applications)

- check / install virus protection or carry out a virus scan eg. B. Deletion of the viruses

- reinstalling Windows. (I also help you with OS (Apple), Linux and Co.)

- common troubleshooting crashes or freezing the screen. (hardware problems)

- ...

Please contact me via my contact form.